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Welcome to the online farmstand!

What We Offer

We offer you a state-of-the-art online storefront and home delivery service, letting you browse the available selection of products grown or produced by local farms and businesses. Our site uses a web software platform designed with small farms in mind, which helps us aggregate products from multiple farms and organizes an efficient delivery system.

More Variety and Flexibility than a CSA

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture," and traditionally involves a group of consumers who all buy a "share" in a particular farm, and pay up-front for a season's worth of produce, which they pick up from their farm each week in the growing season.  CSAs are a very clever business model, which has launched a new wave of small organic farms across the country.  Let's face it though -- the CSA model doesn't work for everybody.  Many people's lifestyles and needs require more flexibility in when they order, what they order, and how they order. Our webstore subscription fills that niche.

When you subscribe to a share, I choose a selection to place in your shopping cart each week.  Once those orders are created, customers receive an email reminder to check their order, and make any changes they want! If no changes are made, you receive our selection of produce that week; if you do make changes, you receive and pay for only what you order.  

  • Tailor your order schedule exactly to your needs.  Don't want an order every week?  No problem.  Select our "every other" week schedule when you sign up.  Going on a trip?  Log in to your account and set a delivery hold for the weeks you will be gone.  When you cancel your delivery, you pay nothing.  No gimmicks, no tricks. 

  • View your order ahead of time, and select only items you and family like.  Do you love carrots, but not beets?  Or maybe you want 4 lbs. onions this week, but don't need any herbs, because you still have last's weeks in the fridge?  You choose what you want in your order, and how much.  If you choose not to edit your order, you'll still get our great selection.

  • No upfront payment required, or hidden fees.  When you sign up, there's no need to pay a penny until your first order is in your hands.  You can pre-pay if you like, and we offer a bonus for customers who do, but this is only an option.  With your paypal or credit account, our system charges you only for one week's delivery, on the evening of each day you order, for the exact cost of that order.  No membership fees, or anything like that.

  • We stand behind our orders.  Was an item in your box unsatisfactory?  Hey, it can happen.  Damage during transit, or maybe something we missed.  Tell us about it and we'll give you a credit for the item toward your next order.  No questions asked.  We want you to be 100% happy with each order.

  • Lots of items from multiple farms and local businesses.  We have our own farm, and grow some of the items we sell.  We also source from other amazing farms to provide a much bigger selection than we could ever offer on our own.  In the webstore, you can see which farm each item comes from.  We always welcome suggestions for new products customers want to see. 

  • Your order comes to you!  There's no need to drive across town each week to pick up your order.  We bring your order to your doorstep.  Talk about convenience!  And we have set up our routes efficiently enough to give you this service at a fraction of the cost other food home delivery services charge. We charge only $11 flat rate per order, whether you order $25 of produce or $200.  Let us put it on our truck, save you time, save you money, and save your car.

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buying local has never been this easy . . .

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