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Gift Card Redemption Instructions

Did you receive a gift card for Broadfork Garden  Online Farmstand?  If so, follow these simple instructions to redeem it.

1.  First, go to the sign up page.


2.  Select the pick up location or delivery route that is easiest for you, then click "next."

3.  From the next page, select with type of subscription you would like.  Both the 

buying local has never been this easy . . .

Welcome to the online farmstand!

"weekly" and "everyother week" shares give you the option to edit your order as you please.  You may place a hold at any time, in which case your weekly order is not generated until the date you specify (for vacations, or if you don't need one for a week etc...) 


4.  The next page is the terms page.  This is where you select your payment method, and also where you enter the coupon code from your gift card. 


5.  Continue to the next page to enter your contact info, and to complete payment.  You will receive a confirmation email upon signing up.

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