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Driftless Organics

Driftless Organics story begins back in 1993 when they were just nine and eleven and their mother assigned them a summer project of growing potatoes. Being ambitious farm kids they planted a quarter acre of twenty varieties. Each year their plot expanded and with it the dreams of becoming ‘real’ farmers in their own right. Soon their farm-kid ambition had them buying potato planters and tractors and hiring their mother to drive them to the Dane County Farmer’s Market. The rest is history. What began as a summer project has now taken the shape of their dreams. They manage over 100 acres of ridge and valley fields in the enchanting Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin. Their farm is called Driftless Organics and beyond their legendary potatoes, they produce fruit, vegetables and sunflower oil that they share via farmers markets and grocery stores throughout the upper Midwest.

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